Corporate Access

If you want your access within five minutes or less, after you purchase the access, please call us at +1 (540) 449-5501 and we will make it available to you.

If you want Single System ID's please visit our Individual Access Site (Click here...)

It is important to have licensed SAP server access for corporate needs. Do not be fooled by other companies and get sued by SAP. Buy your access from licensed SAP Server Access providers. We offer licensed SAP Server Access along with the best customer support.

If you are unhappy with the access for any reason during your first 10 days of access, we will issue you a full refund, no questions asked.


Dedicated Server Access

Dedicated Server

$1,000.00/1 monthAdd to Cart

Dedicated Server - Build Fees

This is a one time charge to build a dedicated server.  You must buy this the first time before you buy a dedicated server.

$250.00/1 monthAdd to Cart

Corporate Build Fee - HANA

This is the build fee for Non-HANA servers

$500.00/1 monthAdd to Cart

Corporate Dedicated Server - HANA

This is for a dedicated sever.  These are robust 512GB RAM servers.

$1,500.00/1 monthAdd to Cart